Check out Julia’s recommended links

Always Pflag – great site, great info

A Note to My Kid  –    awesome responses, fab insights

David Leviathan on LGBTQ fiction for young adults – New York writer David Leviathan talks about LGBTQ young adult fiction since his first book Boy Meets Boy 13 years ago.

Takatapui, part of the whanau   –

Thanks Julia they are great especially the last one  – really great!!!!





I am hugely excited to share, the early baby steps start to, our new sister group of HOO Wellington!  Yay and congrats to Julia and Paul who have stepped up and taken on the role of support facilitators in Wellington, connecting our parents and starting the conversation of supporting and loving our LGBTQ children in their coming out and or transitions.

Please contact them on


Watch this space there is quite possibly more to come

Julia and Paul also highly recommend the service of Marion Kirker, who they saw to help them on their path.

Marion works with teens, young adults and adults.  Experienced in both short and longer term therapy that address distress, depression and anxiety. She also assists people with various issues around identity (sexual, gender, cultural).

Marion is a registered Clinical Psychologist since 1997  MA(Hons), PG Dip.Clin.Psych., MNZCCP

Wellington Psychological Associates

Email:    Phone: (04) 472 0710

Julia also recommended at talk on Kim Hill’s show with a lovely Author   David Leviathan who write LGBT fiction – have listen he had some great insights.


August just blew in! See you on Wednesday!!

Hi all
See you on the 3 August
At Rainbow Youth
11 Edinburgh St, Auckland, 1010 entrance at the back in Abbey Street
6:30 pm


This month we celebrated a life changing 30 years since the Homosexual Law Reform Act was passed in 1986. Many reasons make me feel pleased and proud to be in New Zealander and one specific issue is how progressive NZ is in demanding equality. It may have taken a while to catch up with same-sex marriage only recently becoming legal in New Zealand on 19 August 2013 we got there and we have a wonderful LGBTQAI community who are safe and considered.
SkyCity and Rainbow Auckland celebrated with a colourful celebration

The article below shares the history often lost and the memories of a difficult time. The brave coming out and changes they , willing to be the voices for the greater good.



July, is here – lets meet on the 6th

Since we last met….

Sometimes I wonder if there is any value that the HOO group holds, is it enough, do I do enough, it seems to ebb and wane and I think ahh maybe people are getting it, maybe this is not necessary anymore but the something like Orlando Florida shooting happens and I know beyond anything that this advocacy is essential.

On June twelfth my heart broke for every parent who lost a child in the shooting, I was literally paralysed with horror, it was a chilling realisation to see the result of what others may want for my son, I was appalled and angered, I was very, very angry that anyone felt they had the right to destroy life because of their personal beliefs and personal failure as a human being.

Ignorance, religion, fear killed 49 people and terrorised and maimed 53 others, countless families, allies, friends, people are touched and impacted by such an atrocious act. I always think, we are sitting ignorance thinking our children are safe, but in fact it takes just one nutter to destroy so many lives.

Holding our own took part in a vigil on the 13th, I lit a candle on all our behalf, it was arranged very quickly ad suddenly – I apologise for not getting news out but working full time I simply did not have the ability to do so in time. However I did speak as parents of gay and trans youth, i lit a candle and prayed for insight, love and compassion. I prayed for equality, kindness and acceptance.

No sooner were we walking through this loss dis idiocy strike again it seems very few learned anything as the picture below – a fathers day tribute to love and affection – was deemed unfit because it was “TOO GAY!!!????”
seriously, do we hear anything we say? Here, in touching photograph, a father who presumably with his wife produced a son, who followed in his foot steps to achieve the same, is TOO GAY? Too gay meaning not good? Not right? Too Gay? where was the photo from? Jacksonville, Florida USA! – I weep in frustration and dismay.

In memory of the innocent lives lost … God bless


See you on the 6th at Rainbow Youths new diggs

11 Edinburgh St, Auckland, 1010 entrance at the back in Abbey Street

6:30 pm

Check out these posts, perhaps we can do more?



JUNE 1st meeting – see you there

Hi every one we are back on track starting 1st of June

Holding our own meeting 1st June 2016!

Wow!! The year is flying by please join me at the new premises of rainbow youth.

11 Edinburugh Street   (Just off K Road)



New Zealand

We will as ususal  meet at close to at 6:30 as possible until about 8 / 830.

Please join us there are new parents keen on coming along who would value your experience and your history I know I can count on you to welcome them into our community of support and kindness.

Please let me know if there are specific issues you would like to chat about, if you have any new experiences or developments that might be helpful.  What changes have you experienced in the last month or two that you could share that will shed light for the rest of the group.  I look forward to seeing you next week , it’s been quite a break.

Just a couple of news stories in the media that I thought were worth sharing (first from the – Sydney Morning Herald on  -Last updated 00:06, May 23 2016- the secondFamous @Live (Seven West Media) written by Tina B ) before I sign off, lets not kid ourselves the4se kids face huge discriminations and even when it is not direct, just hearing it twists a little fear into our hearts.  The messages of bring second rate are just unacceptable and we need to be speaking a positive message to all – we need to challenge the crap!

Lesbian couple arrested for kissing in Hawaii supermarket receive settlement

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.39.28 AM

A lesbian couple arrested after kissing and holding hands in a grocery store while on holiday in Hawaii will receive a US$80,000 (NZ$118,000) settlement after suing for discrimination and harassment.

Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero were enjoying a romantic holiday in October last year when they were arrested after a police officer took offence at their public displays of affection inside a Foodland supermarket.

The couple, visiting Hawaii from Los Angeles, launched a civil lawsuit against the officer and the city of Honolulu.

The officer, Bobby Harrison, was shopping in his police uniform, when he noticed their behaviour and told them to “Take it somewhere else”.

READ MORE: Hawaiian cop arrests couple for kissing

The couple complied and continued shopping, but when Harrison noticed them showing affection again, he threatened to have them removed from the shop.

He went and found the store manager and asked for written trespass warnings to be issued to the couple.

Meanwhile, Wilson and Guerrero had taken their groceries to the checkout where they were waiting in line. When Harrison approached them and directed them to leave the queue, Wilson pulled out her mobile phone and began to call emergency services to report unlawful harassment.

Harrison then grabbed Wilson by the wrist, preventing her from completing the call. When Guerrero moved to calm the situation, Harrison threw her to the ground, striking Wilson in the process, and restrained both of them, according to the lawsuit.

The couple were arrested and charged with assault on an officer and spent three days in jail. According to their attorney, they spent the next week sleeping in a park because they spent their holiday budget on bail.

A court threw out the original assault charges. The couple subsequently dropped their charges against the city and the $118,000 settlement was agreed upon. It is expected to be formally approved by the Honolulu city council in July.

The couple, who are no longer together, said they now wish to move on.

“I’m glad it’s over, but at the same time, we wanted the officer to suffer some sort of repercussion,” Wilson said.

Harrison, who has since retired, was cleared by an internal police investigation.

 – Sydney Morning Herald


Second Article


The internet is loving Myren!  –  23 May 2016   |   Tina B

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.39.37 AM

High School student Myren is an international sensation today, after tweeting about his unconventional Prom experience.

Myren’s parents disapprove of his relationship with his boyfriend, and wouldn’t let him take his partner to Prom.

So, on Saturday night, Myren tweeted out to his followers about his experience.

“My parents told me I couldn’t go to prom because I wanted to go with my boyfriend so I had to go behind their backs 😅” he tweeted.

The tweet has gone viral, with over 17,000 retweets and nearly 40,000 likes.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Myren revealed, “They wanted me to end things with him and they tried grounding me to keep us from talking, but no matter what we found a way to talk.”

“My dad said I knew better than to ask him. I knew I wouldn’t get a yes from them, but I thought maybe they would have a change of heart. They never did.”

The 17-year-old said he had nothing to lose by going against his parents wishes.

“My parents wont let me see him. It’s like I’m already living on punishment, so what do I have to lose by going to prom? Everyone’s mom was standing there taking pictures of their kids talking about how beautiful they looked and how they were so proud of them. I imagined what my mom would have looked like taking pictures of me in my suit. Everyone at the send off was a stranger to me except my boyfriend. None of his family came to his send off either.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.43.50 AM

He also said he was grateful for the support, “I was surprised when I noticed that people were proud of me and that they respected the decision I had made.”

Myren followed up the story with a tweet about his parents, saying “They think I went to an ashawo party.”


Regardless of his parents upsetting views, Myren had fun at his prom and claimed “When we were dancing together I teared up some because there were times where I never thought we would go to prom, but there we were.” 💜


April Meeting!

Hello HOO

Yip can you believe it we are racing up to the next meeting – it is crazy to me how fast the month flies by.

It has been a crazy busy time but it has also been a good month, I hope you have also had a good month.

6th of April is our next meeting and the reason I am sending it a little early is the venue is going to be really different this time.

We will be meeting at
Raye Freedman Library
788 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland 1050

My number – if lost is  021 125 7775 
Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 16.21.56.png
I think it will be a nice change of scenery and a new possible meet up in the future if everyone is able to access it.
I was wondering if we could be talking a bit about influences from society and what makes discussing these issues difficult with friends and family and maybe how to address or understand them. 
I found a great video I think may be useful
so lets get together have a cuppa and a chat – take a peek but if you do not have time – we will also watch when we are together. 
As you can see this venue is just a stone throw off Greenland off ramp – there is parking in the back. 
Good coffee, nice place, good company – seriously is there anywhere else you should be?  
Good – see you there! 
Big love 
PS Please let me know you are coming xx

2nd March – Meeting, Welcome Back!

Kia Ora HOO Parents

Sorry no pics or facilitating tit bits……..

Just a quickie, since we had just connected a moment ago, or so it feels….

Welcome back after that Wham Bam amazing Proud Pride Start to the year and here we are off and running again.

First meet up on the 2nd of March 2016 Wednesday
281 K Rd at Rainbow Youth this time! (Next month in Remuera, me thinks will be a nice change!)

6:30pm to 8pm

Look forward to a catch up and natter see you next week

Amanda Aarons
021 125 7775

Please let me know if you will be there to welcome in a new member!Welcome Back March Meeting!!!

Proud Pride Parents of HOO! Yahoo

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HOLDING OUR OWN – HOO in Pride for the first time!

Holding Our Own Hoo proudly participated in the NZ Pride 2016 alongside their very special supporters Rainbow Youth.

Our parents and allies of LGBTQ were overwhelmed by the warm encouragement that rocked us forward! I have to say we were a wonderful colourful spectacle and we felt we were exceptionally well received.  It was an incredible overwhelming feeling of joy, love, kindness, understanding, acceptance and hope for others to be proud supporters of their children regardless of their sexuality or gender.

First an enormous thank you to RainbowYouth who support us and bring us into this community with great kindness and consideration. I cannot speak more highly of this team of fantastic people. I appreciate all you do, so very much.

Thank you to Ross of Big Ideas for the most spectacular ride ever! Amazing opportunity to use that exceptional car! I really had to wonder if it was the work we are doing that was being applauded or the fabulous car! A bit of both I reckon.

All in all, it was a brilliant day, the car was not only gorgeous to look at, it saved some very weary activists, walking a fair way in the heat!

A massive thanks to our very patient driver Eckhard Stalmann who was patient skilled and very handsome!

Thanks Karen and Drew for your inspired Banner – it worked like magic – i just hope you could feel your arms the next day!

Thank you 4M+Funxtion who helped us with signs, support and love!

WhoooHoooo what a great experience what a magical day!


Thanks again see ya next month and we will do this again next year!

Amanda Aarons

021 125 7775

Holding Our Own – HOO Marches for the first time!!



Kia ora my Proud Pride Parents and allies

As part of the Auckland Pride Parade Festival 2016, the Auckland Pride Parade will be held on the

20th February 2016

We will walk with our biggest supporters – RainbowYOUTH!

RainbowYOUTH has paid for the float registration (we are so grateful for all their support, always) – So all we need to do is bring ourselves and our banners.

Please dress in Rainbow colours, be over the top with hats, feathers, boas, balloons, streamers, sequins and glitter! Carry a banner, or balloons, maybe a rainbow umbrella! Most important just be there, it is a wonderful experience to be part of – very freeing, very connected, very proud!

The Parade starts at 6pm and we must be at the Marshalling area- Three Lamps Ponsonby at 5 pm sharp. I will let you know as soon as I know exactly where so please watch this space.

The Parade finishes, at 8pm (approx)

Bring a bottle of water, sunscreen and a great spirit of fun.

Its blast and I cant wait to see you there!
I’ll be the one grinning from ear to ear as HOO – Holding Our Own, marches for the first time as Proud Pride Parents and allies!

Ngā mini, Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 18.33.26